April 04, 2020
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The Bong Parallel

Bengali TV soaps too are reworking the storyboard, finding new themes

The Bong Parallel
The Bong Parallel

Bengali soaps too are keeping track of changing times. In Checkmate, Milli Dastidar, written off by her tough-cop father as a “worthless girl child”, opens a detective agency, and solves every criminal case that she handles. Bindi, through its eponymous heroine, explores the theme of human trafficking. In Amar Naam Joyeeta, a gutsy, ambitious middle-class girl, has her sights set on making it big in a man’s world, armed with a law degree. Amader Ananda Bari looks at unconventional relationships, with the youngest son of the family marrying a divorcee who has a child. The elder brother is weighing the options about breaking away from the family and forming a nuclear family with his wife.

By Arpita Basu with Dola Mitra and Fayiqa Halim

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