January 20, 2020
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Jain says Chandraswami linked up with BCCI through Khashoggi

The BCCI Channel

DURING an Income Tax raid at Chan-draswami's ashram on February 2, 1998, an attestation of BCCI, Monte Carlo branch, was seized by the authorities which showed that a number of deposits had been made in international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi's account.

Two bearer drafts dated October 9, 1985, and December 16, 1985, appear to represent payments to Chandraswami by R.W. Rowland, CEO, M/S Lonrho Plc, which were further handed over to Khashoggi on behalf of Chandraswami as a consideration for certain audio cassettes in the presence of H.J. Keller, vice-president, Credit Suisse.

According to Justice Jain, "this establishes Chandraswami's connections with the BCCI. However, whatever moneys were received through the drafts were credited to the account of Khashoggi. Chandraswami was thus operating transactions of BCCI through the account of Khashoggi." Further, Jain has used a report of Senators John Kerry and Hank Brown on the BCCI, which was submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations, US Senate and was provided to the Jain Commission by RAW. On the basis of this report, Jain concludes that, "Khashoggi definitely appears to be the key player in the supply of arms and has had dealings not only with the BCCI but also with the CIA."

"The CIA had wide contacts and links with BCCI customers, officials. After the CIA knew that the BCCI was an institution, fundamentally corrupt and criminal enterprise, it continued to use both the BCCI and First American, BCCI's secretly held US subsidiary, for CIA operations.

"Former CIA officials including director Richard Helms and the late William Casey, former and current intelligence officers Kamal Adash and Abdul Raouf Khalil and principal foreign agents of the US like Khashoggi and Manucher Gorbanifal float in and out of the BCCI and participate in the making of key episodes ranging from Camp David peace talks to arming Iran... Khashoggi acted as the middle-man for five Iranian arms deals for the US; financing a number of them through the BCCI. A testimony given by Nazir Chinoy, manager, Paris, corroborates this. Apparently, Khashoggi told Chinoy he was working for the US government and the CIA."

 Information available with the Commission shows that Kumaran Padmanabha, the LTTE's chief arms procurer, had a savings bank A/C No: 02026190 with the BCCI, Bombay, which had been opened on October 31, 1986, with a remittance of Rs 2,25,6664,84. When the CBI launched the probe, the balance was Rs 858.9.

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