May 31, 2020
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The Baker’s Dozen

13 questions for which the answers are not in our list of 52

The Baker’s Dozen
The Baker’s Dozen
  1. Pankaj Kapur starred in a TV series called Mohandas, BA, LLB and a series called Karamchand. In Gandhi, he played Pyarelal and dubbed for Ben Kingsley in Hindi, except for Gandhi’s dying words. Who  uttered “Hey Ram” in the film?
  2. He produced the 1957 Telugu classic Maya Bazaar and the 1975 Julie. He set up Asia’s biggest studio Vijaya Vauhini, launched Andhra Jyoti newspaper and the children’s magazine Chandamama. Who?
  3. Despite Javed Akhtar’s reservations over his weak voice, Amjad Khan wrote himself into the history books by playing Gabbar Singh in Sholay. Which actor had turned down the role because he was shooting Dharmatma in Afghanistan?
  4. He was born in poverty but ended up wealthy. He was a school dropout but became a yogi. He was a star who was kidnapped by a real-life villain. What is unique about the national award Kannada matinee idol, Raj Kumar, won?
  5. She has a PhD in education and has been a former Miss India. She has modelled for Shingar bindis and kumkum powder, and appeared in a bikini on screen. She is currently a BJP MP’s wife. Who is she?
  6. Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha, who starred in nearly 150 films, was born in Mysore. Where was her friend, mentor and co-star in 28 consecutive Tamil box-office hits, M.G. Ramachandran, born?
  7. He was Naseeruddin Shah’s classmate in FTII. And he is related by marriage to batting legend G.R. Viswanath. In Pankaj Parasher’s 1989 movie Chaalbaaz, he played Balwant Prasad Lallan Prasad Malpani. Who?
  8. The 1961 Japanese classic Yojimbo was re-made as A fistful of Dollars and Last Man Standing, with credit to Akira Kurosawa. But none of the three acknowledged the original source. Which one?
  9. His second wife Yogeeta Bali claimed that he would sit up all night and count notes, currency notes. Yet he was the “miser” who gave Satyajit Ray Rs 5,000 when he needed it to make Pather Panchali. Who are we talking about?
  10. The Telugu actress Deeksha Seth studied to be an underwater archaeologist. Which Telugu and Tamil movie star, who worked at Infosys as a software developer, claims to have had a hand in making an iOS app?
  11. His movie titles are sentences known by their initials, KKHH, KKKG, KANK and MNIK. But what exactly did Karan Johar do as assistant director in his first film in 1995, Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jaayenge?
  12. What is the connection between Quentin Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight and the 1959 magnum opus Ben Hur?
  13. Which Hollywood seductress, with an IQ rumoured to be in the high 150s (till she recently denied being a Mensa member), was married, sigh, to an American newspaper editor before they split up in the early 2000s?

E-mail your entries to krishnaprasad [AT] outlookindia [DOT] com before January 11, 2016.

The first all-correct entry will get a 16GB iPad.

ps: why does a Baker’s Dozen contain 13?

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