March 28, 2020
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The Atrium

The Atrium

THE special feature of the Baljee's airy residence located in Bangalore's upmarket Indiranagar is the atrium. Designed to connect the house to the adjacent public park, the atrium is a departure from normal variations such as the front yard or courtyard in such large houses. The double-vaulted atrium is the nucleus of the house into which other spaces such as the kitchen, the dining area, the formal living room and the pooja room open out. While the height of the room creates a feeling of open space, it also invites the greenery in by opening out into the garden which in turn opens into the public park. The arch has large sliding doors and the tall coconut palms in the garden and huge canopy of trees in the park, shield the space from the evening sun. The material used in the atrium are all earthy like terracotta, stone and wood. The arch is constructed in brick and the floors are a combination of tiles, terracotta and stone. Used as an informal space, the atrium is a connective part of the house, both physically and visually.

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