January 18, 2020
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The 15 Commandments

The 15 Commandments

  • A judge shalt not contest election to clubs, societies or other associations.
  • Thou shalt not hold such elective office except in a society connected with the law.
  • A judge must avoid associating with individual members of the bar, especially those who practise in the same court.
  • Thou shalt not permit any member of the family to appear before thee or even be associated in any manner with a case to be dealt by thee.
  • Thou shalt not allow a family member, who practises, to stay in the same residence.
  • Thou shalt strive for a degree of aloofness in keeping with the dignity of the office.
  • Thou shalt not enter into public debate or express views on political issues or air views on matters which are pending before    the judiciary.
  • Thou shalt not speak to the media. The judgements speak for themselves.
  • Thou shalt not accept gifts or cordiality except from family members and close friends.
  • Thou shalt not play or speculate in the stockmarkets.
  • Thou shalt not seek or accept contributions or be associated with fundraising. 
  • Thou shalt always be under public gaze, and hence there should be no act of omission.
  • Thou shalt not hear or decide on matters where thou hast financial interests, unless disclosed before.
  • Thou shalt not engage directly or indirectly in trade or business either individually or along with other persons.
  • Thou shalt declare thy assets as well as those of other family members.
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