February 22, 2020
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That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was
In a week marked by news of a Russian ‘superweapon’ that can pierce missile defence systems, President Vladimir Putin sacks the regime of PM Mikhail Kasyanov ahead of the March presidential polls.

The UK’s Telewest Communications introduces Scentmail, e-mails which can "carry" 2,000 smells, with the help of a PC-linked scent dome.

George Bush’s English springer Spot, 15, who suffered a series of strokes, is "put to sleep" on a vet’s advice.


Saudi Arabia decides to bar its expatriate worker force from its jewellery shops—tens of thousands of Indians are slated to get laid off.

Anil Kumble will launch Sportvision, India’s first sports tabloid, next week from Bangalore. He’ll be its editor too.


Pakistan has set up The First Women Bank Ltd with 600 women comprising its full staff.
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