April 04, 2020
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Test Your Tress

Test Your Tress
  • Think layering (see Alicia Silverstone in Missmatch), one-length hair is out.

  • Try mid-length hair that can be easily scrunched, permed, or done up in a stylised bun, depending on the occasion.

  • Play with texture and movement to create an out-of-bed look; it still works.

  • Today's colours are warmer (browns and biscuity tones—use darker shades of the same colour to create depth and texture). Look at shades of violet, chestnut, red for highlights.

  • Styles must be both individualistic and inspired.

  • For men, straight hair is the preferred choice. UK-based DJ Raghav is the current muse for the metrosexual male.
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