July 05, 2020
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Tarun Khanna

The Hrithik 'lookalike' on the Pepsi ad that spoofs the star's Coke commercial

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Tarun Khanna
Are you ever mistaken for Hrithik Roshan?
No, not at all! I have a better face.

Then why did you agree to do the ad?
What's wrong with the ad? Besides, I wasn't even told which Cola company I was shooting for. The only brief given to me was that I'd be shooting with Shahrukh Khan and I'd have to wear braces.

Why did you agree to wear braces?
It was just a character I was playing. If I join films I could be made to wear anything. Anyway, male actors are made to wear female costumes, which I think is more derogatory than wearing braces.

So, you aren't vain...
I'm basically modest but anybody into modelling is bound to be in love with himself.

How good was the money?
I cannot disclose that. But for a newcomer it was good.

Do you think Hrithik and his dad are overreacting?
They are not overreacting. Certain people with vested interests are instigating them.

Has the Pepsi ad helped your career?
I don't think a small ad can help anyone's career, although it has got me a lot of attention - magazines like yours want to interview me now. But no one said anything when I did an ad for Pepsi's Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani music album contest.

Would you mind doing a film with Hrithik Roshan?
I wouldn't, if my role and footage are equal to his.

If you wore braces in real life do you think you'd meet the fate of your ad character?
I don't think so, if a girl wanted to kiss me on the lips she would do it anyway. In reality, I do have a little dental problem for which I might need to wear braces when I join films.

What does your mom feel about this whole look-alike thing?
Everybody who knows me is surprised and angry at my being called a Hrithik lookalike.

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