June 27, 2020
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Syed Kirmani

The new chairman of the BCCI’s selection committee on the forthcoming home series against New Zealand and the Aussies

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Syed Kirmani
Syed Kirmani
Has the Board woken up rather late to use your talent and experience for the game?
It is a matter of time. I am a firm believer that everything has its time and so I bide my time.

What are your priorities?
This is a hot seat, but it's a matter of proper communication that'll see us put together the best combination.

Any immediate changes in your mind?
I want to convince everybody to play a specialist wicketkeeper and discontinue with the concept of a makeshift keeper in the team's interest.

But the captain and the coach seem to have decided that Rahul Dravid will keep wickets against New Zealand.
I'll put forward the pros and cons of my belief.

Do you have any names in mind?
There's Parthiv Patel, Ajay Ratra, Deep Dasgupta. I'd like to see a specialist keeper who can bat and one who has been consistent in recent games.

You must also find a new opener now that Sehwag has opted to play down the order.
I am against this makeshift concept. Such arrangements do not bring stability to the team.

Do we see any new faces against the Kiwis?
We'll sit down and look at each performance.

Any new strategies for the Aussie series?
All that will depend on the series against NZ.

Do you favour a long-term strategy?
Definitely, so that we win the next World Cup.

Your take on selection on the basis of the region a player comes from.
I want to adopt a fair and transparent approach. I think each player must be picked on merit.

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