February 21, 2020
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Sweets, For All You Sweets

Let’s not do to sugar what we did to fat.

Sweets, For All You Sweets
Illustration by Saahil
Sweets, For All You Sweets

“Just cut back on sugar. Take the 100-day ‘no sugar challenge’. Eat the chocolate but with the zero calorie sweetener. Switch to stevia, it’s plant based.”

Boss, enough of blanket bans. We did it with fat and landed up with an epidemic of Vit D deficiencies, cholesterol issues, obesity and all other expressions of metabolic syndrome, including Type-2 Diabetes. So really, let’s not do to sugar what we did to fat. Some points.

  • We don’t really learn from history too well and every time you go zero on sugar for a few days, you end up eating a tub of ice-cream, box of chocolates or packet of biscuits a few days later. Because it doesn’t make you feel good you think it’s because your body is rejecting sugar, but actually your body is simply rejecting this stupidity of no sugar for days to an overdose of it later.
  • Sugarcane, for heaven’s sake, is a plant, and a beautiful one at that. So we really don’t need other plant sources to replace it. Also, it’s native to India and is used in multiple ways depending on the season and the end product. For example, chewing on cane in winters, cane juice in summers, jaggery in winters with bajra rotis, crystal sugar in summer in sherbets....
  • Giving up muffins, breads, biscuits, chocolates and pastries is not the same as giving up sugar. Mostly, we go for these when we haven’t eaten for hours or are in a bad mood or simply bored. Rejecting eating out of boredom or desperation is a good thing and it does have healthy side-effects—planning for meals in adva­nce and fat loss. But to think of sugar as the devil is to miss the point completely.
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