May 28, 2020
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Suresh Bala

Chennel V's new general manager on why the channel needed to revamp

Suresh Bala
Why did Channel V need a change of image ?
We're a youth channel. Our audience has changed and that made the need to change imperative. Five years ago we were pioneers, now our uniqueness has blurred.

Was it beacuse of competition ?
There's no competition in the course we've charted. Youth today are much more than just music.

Has there been a fall in the channel now ?
Our future is not TRPS. We are about quality. It's not the number of eyeball but the quality of eyeballs. It's a peer - dependant market.

What can be expected from the channel now ?
We've created 40 new programmes which will touch everything from fashion to careers, travel gateways to game shows. They all go beyond music.

How will you be different from other general channel on air ?
None of them target the youth. Youth is the most distinctive group. And all these programmes will have the V character.

So how much of music will the channe have ?
It will pervade the channel. It's not about hours or minutes. Anyway people snack on music. We'll have a lot of substance. We used music to enter the consciousness of the youth but music is not our product.

What's the kind of research you've done before this change ?
2,500 youth were spoken to from all over the country over an eight - week period. But research cannot be a substitute for ideas.

What have the costs been for this jamboree ?
Our production budget has grown from $30 millions to $48 millions. But first you need a good idea, then the money

Why did your sacking of VJs become so controversial ?
It wasn't a controversy with us. Our product is chameleon - like - change is inevitable.

What makes you the right choice to head the reformed channel ?
Managing the creative process and maintaining brand entity - that's what advertising guys are best qualified for. We also have to realise the enormous commertical potential.

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