July 26, 2020
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Sunny Deol

On his career in general and the criticism in the Hindi film industry that his latest flick, ‘The Hero’, hasn’t lived up to the pre-release hype

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Sunny Deol
Sunny Deol
Many in the industry say The Hero has less to offer than Gadar?
You cannot compare the two. It is fairly well done and there's no problem with it. The same industry people first ran down Gadar.

They say the action scenes are disappointing.
We did what we could. Perhaps the audience wanted me to do raw fisticuffs.

Was it all right to hype it as the costliest film ever?
Even Devdas did it. These days people do what they can to sell their product.

You are not happy with The Hero's critics?
The basic reality about the film's performance is the collections. Of late the Housefull boards in theatres were rusting. The Hero has brought back the old feeling.

The film gives you a new look and image. Are you happy with it?
Oh yes. We tried to do something different and we succeeded.

Do you consider it to be one of the biggest hits of your career?
It will definitely be in the same league as Betaab, Arjun and Ghayal. There are so many of them.

Your next release Jaal is round the corner.
Yes. I play a singer this time.

What about the film with all the Deols?
We are planning to finish it very soon.

Are you happy with your career graph?
Oh yes. But I never evaluate my status.

Are you planning direction also?
Not right now. My hands are too full.

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