August 01, 2020
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Sunny Deol

The actor-director puts all controversies behind him to enjoy a bit of 'Dillagi'

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Sunny Deol
How does it feel to debut as a director in Dillagi?
Anxious. I'm totally stressed out. On the whole it's been a learning experience. I hope the audience enjoys it too.

Did being an award-winning actor and producer help in any way?
Experience in any field helps you. I knew what I wanted from my actors; my experience helped me tremendously. But being a director can be taxing due to the responsibility.

Why did it take you so long to make Dillagi?
By no account did it take a long time. We started shooting for the film in January '98 and we're releasing the film in November '99. That's not much for a film of this magnitude.

Change of director, of name. Did Dillagi make news for the wrong reasons?
London and Dillagi were never the same project; there's no common footage between them, even the technicians are different. The only similarity is that Bobby and I are doing a film together.

Have things been ironed out with Gurinder Chadda?
There was a problem with the British side of production but none with Chadda. I hope London can be revived some day; I'd definitely do the project with her, it was her baby.

Why didn't you pick any of your favourite directors for Dillagi?
I always wanted to direct a film someday. Only it happened sooner than I expected; it wasn't planned. Dillagi's my kind of film; it's script the kind I'd have liked to direct. That's why I took it up immediately.

How much of a family affair has this been? Has dad played a role?
We're a close-knit family. Dad's been a pillar of strength. Bobby and I too are very close.

How would you compare the current crop of actors to the ones of your generation-Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Sanjay Dutt?
For me, everybody is good, how can I compare actors?

Would you ever direct your father in your film?
Yes, I want to direct dad in my next film. It will reflect his talent and do his fans proud.

So you've put your heart in the making of Dillagi?
In the last two years it's only been Dillagi for me. After November 5, I'll be relieved.

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