February 24, 2020
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Success Is A Many-Splendoured Thing

Entrepreneurship, medicine, law, journalism, you name the field...there are as manys ways to success as there are examples. But what unites them all is the passion to get there.

Success Is A Many-Splendoured Thing

Mallika Srinivasan: ‘Companies hiring engineers are obliged to enable constant learning’

Dr Devi Shetty: ‘I feel guilty if I buy expensive things. That money could have saved lives.’

Dr Siddharth Mehta: ‘Rewards come in due course. There are no microwave-ready results.’

Meena Ganesh: ‘Even when we could not pay salaries, we did not lose a single employee’

Raian Karanjawala: ‘I feel I have that one quality Napoleon looked for in his generals—luck’

Kailash Satyarthi: ‘When you fight any social crime, it means inviting a lot of problems’

Bachi Karkaria: ‘Develop an expertise, change the narrative, don’t lose sight of the little people, make a difference.’

A.D. Singh: ‘Do not get into the restaurant business unless this is something you enjoy.’

K.T. Ravindran: ‘Construction should never compromise on the human element’

J.J. Valaya: ‘Somehow, the gora hangover continues to colour us’

Wendell Rodricks: ‘I don’t want to think of money as a barometer of success’

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