February 28, 2020
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Subhash Chandra

The Zee TV chief is extremely confident of taking on partners and foes

Subhash Chandra
Just a mouthful of sky and so many trying to feed off it. Is Zee tuned in?
Let's wait for the market to decide our fate. As for trying to feed off a mouthful of sky, it's a large mouth, hence there's nothing to worry. I wish good luck to everyone.

Confusing or comfortable, how would you describe the present scenario?
I believe confusion is good. World-wide market leaders gain when there is confusion in the market. In India, for some it's English, others Hindi, even Hinglish. In such a scenario, the market opts for an established brand.

Is Zee suitably armoured against any dent that NBC/CNBC might make?
Zee is very well armoured with Zee Cinema and Channel EL as its flanks. Moreover NBC and CNBC would look for niche markets, unlike Zee, which has a mass market.

STAR 'n'Zee. STAR'n'NBC. Will these marriages run out of convenience?
Indian marriages continue, irrespective of convenience or comfort.

STAR has begun speaking in Hindi. Is Zee speechless?
Be it Hindi or Hinglish, Zee was never and will never be speechless. After all it has the speech of a 100 million viewers.

Wouldn't the courses of STAR and Zee collide with each others' interests?
I don't think so, but perhaps STAR's Hindi plans might result in another competitor for Channel EL. This is what Sony and Home TV have been doing.

Is Zee's 7 o'clock news a way of grabbing the headlines from STAR News?
Zee's 7 o'clock news was already in the pipeline.

Rumour has it that Zee is no longer STAR-struck. Comment.
Zee doesn't believe in stardom. Zee's strength comes from its 100 million loyal viewers who write to us daily. That's proof enough that nobody is a bigger star than Zee.

What is new on Zee's menu for hungry viewers?
We provide new programmes, concepts, shows, regardless of what's on other channels. After all, we command viewer loyalty and we are trustees of public faith.

Where do you see Zee vis-a-vis the real biggies—DD and DD Metro?
We have no illusions about ourselves. Zee has complemented DD/DD Metro even as the market takes it as an alternative.

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