January 25, 2020
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Stalking The Stalker

Apollo Hospital psychiatrist Achal Bhagat's tips to survive the stalker:

Stalking The Stalker
  • Take stalkers seriously, ignoring them doesn't help.
  • Be firm, not aggressive when you say no. Repeat yourself. Don't change your words or tone.
  • Do not try to understand their perspective. They will try to enrage you, keep your cool.
  • Don't arrange to meet a stalker on your own to 'sort out the matter'. The situation could escalate.
  • Tell people whom you trust. Don't feel ashamed. Don't fall prey to the stalker's 'I'll tell people what happened between us'.
  • Be with people. Don't restrict your life, but don't put yourself in high-risk situations either.
  • If you feel you're being stalked, seek help immediately. Don't wait for irrefutable proof.
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