April 05, 2020
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The managing director of ITC hotels on Why tourism has failed to take off in India

Why's Indian tourism failed to take off ?
Probably it has never taken off because there is a general feeling it has. China got 7.5 lakh tourists in 1996 - 97 which was the same as us, now they get 26 millions.

The world made its millennium plans well in advance, why're we lagging behind ?
We're great believers in one - minute management.

You've been part of Assocham's effort to revive tourism in J&K. How soon do you see an improvement ?
We went to Srinagar in Aprail last year . There are extremely satisfying trends. Whilst we were very pleased with our efforts our neighbours obviously weren't

Why've you failed to repeat the kind of success you did with Bukhara ?
Bukhara is a legend in itself and we've tried to preserve its legacy.

What explains Welcomegroup's huge growth in a dull tourism market ?
Discerning customers always need good products. I suppose we value each other.

Are five - star hotels still considered a luxury in a country such as ours ?
That perception has changed. There is greater recognitionn that five stars are not just citadels of luxury and indulgence but efforts of enterpreneurs who risk high investments for the cause of employment and are foreign exchange earners.

How successful has been welcomegroup's greeen conscience ?
We have been doing this for six years. Not only does it makes good businesss sense but hotels are also catalysts in the quality of line and living.

There's also an effort to encourage art...
Art is one of the five initiatives the company believes in. An enterprise arises out of a society and to it eventually must return. It also encourages new artists.

Which centre/city, now is the most lucrative tourist centre ?
Delhi as the entry point in the north and Goa in the west with kerala maing a determined effort are the front - runners.

What direction is your company headed in now ?
Hotel are tourism sector has a very bright future in the country. The scope for growth is enormous. There is no reason why this company won't be a big player.

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