February 18, 2020
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Sonam Kapoor

With Rakeysh Mehra's Dilli 6, the Saanwariya girl is now two films old in Bollywood

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Have you found your vocation as an actress?

I’ll never find my niche as an actress—but as a person, I’m very comfortable in my skin and I believe I can do all kinds of roles.

Tell us your impressions of Dilli 6.

It’s not the typical ‘yo’ culture kind of film or music. It’s multilayered but meant for all ages.

You said your role is very identifiable.

Yes, Bittu is the typical Indian girl—liberal yet wants to hold on to family values and has a mind of her own. So it’s a complex situation. It talks about the confusion felt by a girl with a value system who wants to be modern.

You were Sanjay Bhansali’s pet—during Saanwariya. How was it working with Rakeysh Mehra?

I became his pet too.

How would you compare the two directors?

By the rapport I had with them. With Rakeysh, I connected the first day. We’d sit for three to four hours everyday discussing the script, my character, etc. We’d rehearse together and then talk and I just love him. I knew Sanjay because I worked as his assistant.

Tell us about your first shot for Dilli-6?

It was this full-page dialogue. I did it on the first day. Then I called up Sanjay and said, ‘thank you for doing this for me—for pushing me so that I can go for a photoshoot and know where the line is going to come from and where I am to hit the mark’.

Does singing and dancing come easily?

Very. It’s great fun, easier than doing scenes.

Your difficult moments during the shoot?

I was a little intimidated working with the senior artistes but they were so generous and supporting that I soon lost my fear.

And Abhishek Bachchan?

Wonderful. He’s a well-brought-up prankster—very sensitive, unspoilt. He’s achieved a lot despite being the son of a Bollywood legend.

Where do you see yourself in a decade?

Doing different roles, not falling into a stereotype.

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