June 05, 2020
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Some Of The New Pubs

Some Of The New Pubs
Urban Edge
Arabian nites or Afrikaaner ones, you get them all at Urban Edge. On Women's Day this March, 1,500 women crammed inside it for a fashion show and a women-only (right) do. The place for college students, young execs and families. Clientele: 18-35 years.

Is inspired by the quintessential British pub, has wood and stained glass interiors with artifacts, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Harley Davidson posters all over. Music here is never too loud. Hangout for execs and shoppers in the age group of late 20s to 40s.

Intelligent lights, power music, imported stem glasses and beer mugs. Special music event each weekday—rock, retro, 'wicked', hip-hop, 'awakening' and trance. Working class clientele in the 25-40 age group.

180 Proof
Colonial architecture fuses with modern decor, with a courtyard for lung space. Favourite haunt of celebrities and techies alike, the things to check out here are the beer, the cocktails and the Thai dinner. Clientele: 21 to 60 years.

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