July 05, 2020
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‘So, How Did You Find Sunil (Mittal)? What Did You Think Of Him?’

Tarun Das, Former CII honcho

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‘So, How Did You Find Sunil (Mittal)? What Did You Think Of Him?’
‘So, How Did You Find Sunil (Mittal)? What Did You Think Of Him?’

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Niira Radia: This guy is not there in the afternoon, Tarun. He’s got to go to Chandigarh.

Tarun Das: No, that’s okay, that’s okay.

NR: So, he’s saying he can do it on Friday.

TD: Sure, Friday’s fine.

NR: Are you okay with Friday?

TD: Yeah, Friday is fine, I’m here.

NR: Okay, I’ll go ahead...

TD: I’m here all week now.

NR: I’ll go ahead and confirm Friday. If it’s Friday then I’ll probably come along with you.

TD: If this thing works out, what will be the deal?

NR: The...hmm, er...the land?

TD: Yeah.

NR: Oh, I’ll, I’ll work it out. You don’t worry about it.

TD: Hmm?

NR: I’ll sort it out. We’ll see, no, what we can do. Maybe he can give it at a massive concession. The rest we’ll handle. Don’t worry about it, Tarun.

TD: Okay.

NR: It’s my responsibility to get you five acres.

TD: Okay.


TD: I’m just driving into Bombay.

NR: So, Mukesh is expecting you at 4 o’clock?

TD: Yeah. I’m having dinner with Ratan in the evening.

NR: Oh, good. You’re going to tell him you met Mukesh?

TD: I have to. I would, normally. I’m like that, no. I tell everyone. I don’t have anything to ‘not-to-say’ you know. And, actually the reason I was coming was because of the dinner.

NR: Okay, okay good. Good, good, good. Yeah, that’s good.

TD: How have you been? What are you doing?

NR: No, nothing. I’m trying to look at a few issues. We’re back on fighting with telecom. I met Sunil by the way—last week.

TD: One-to-one or with others?

NR: No, no, one-to-one. Sunil Mittal. Just to try and get an understanding of where we are and whether we can.... Ratan still doesn’t trust him. Refuses to have anything to do with him in any way at all. But I think he doesn’t realise that this time around we’re going to need each other’s help.

TD: Yeah.

NR: I can see it. I can see exactly where we’re going to need it. Which is what I told Sunil also, I said, don’t be so arrogant with Raja.

TD: Hmm...

NR: So, likewise with Ratan, he can’t just, you know, wish Sunil away. He has to give him credit for what he has achieved all these years.

TD: So how did you find Sunil? What did you think of him?

NR: Good. Good, good. I’m still...there is this trust factor he still has to build, you know.

TD: You met him in the office or home or where?

NR: At his house. Yeah. I refused to go to the office.

TD: He’s been asking about you.

NR: He said I always thought you were out of bounds. So, I said, no, look, I can’t work for you because you know Ratan has a view. But I think maybe I can help you. There are certain areas where I think we need to come together....

Hear it as they spoke it: The Power Tapes


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