May 30, 2020
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S.K. Fung

NBC Asias president affirms that the tie-up with Star wont spawn conflict

S.K. Fung
What made you choose India for your telecasting operations?
The Indian economy is full of possibilities and the media has been revolutionised after the entry of STAR.

Your target viewership is the English language-speaking segment. So, why tie up with STAR?
STAR has made its presence felt, and we could benefit from their position in the market.

Aren't you likely to threaten STAR's position in the long run?
There are major differences between their programming and ours. For instance, we have a lot of non-fictional entertainment while the staple of Star Plus is fictional pro-grammes like Baywatch.

Yet, it has been suggested that even NBC Asia might make programmes in Hinglish—a mixture of Hindi and English.
As I said, our emphasis will be on current affairs and similar programmes which are non-fictional. Moreover, there is room for cooperation even if you are competitors.

So, the conflict of interests wouldn't be a problem?
First of all, there's no conflict. And I don't see a little bit of overlapping as a problem.

What is the percentage of local programming?
Thirty minutes per day during prime time on NBC. In CNBC, which is the business channel, there will be hourly business updates and other commissioned features.

Who are your Indian partners in programming?
For entertainment, it is TV 18. And IGE, which is a part of General Electric Company, will be our partner in CNBC.

How will be your digital television service different?
It is the latest in terms of technological development, and India too can have the best of technology as well as more programmes to choose from.

In the present scenario, what do you think can make your effort click?
Our local programming coupled with international programming not seen before in India.

Your channels are already on. When will they be seen?
As far as I know, within a couple of days.

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