February 15, 2020
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Shyama Chona

The principal of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, on her book Effective Parenting

Shyama Chona
Shyama Chona
You call parenting a ‘cultivated art’.

Parenting skills need to be honed. It has nothing to do with biological inheritance.

Did your parental experience inspire this?

I share a deep bond with my children. My role as a mother, grandmother and involvement with students and their parents all helped.

What can parents expect from your book?

It covers all aspects—from the embryonic stage to the time children pass out of school. It is a bedside bible for parents.

What links parenting to teaching?

Good teachers make good parents and vice versa. If you can love your students as your own children, you’ll be the best teacher.

Is technology widening the generation gap?

Yes, in alarming ways. We have to accept this necessary evil. Parents can set boundaries for children and monitor their activities.

Does the quality of time parents spend with children matter more than quantity?

Parents are the crucial source of love and security for a child. If their investment in the child’s emotional and intellectual needs is adequate, the quality vs quantity debate is irrelevant.

You’ve devoted an entire section to parenting teenagers.

This is when children begin to assert their individuality. Teenagers are exposed to activities and peer pressure that challenge their families’ standards. But parents can reap long-term rewards if they handle family dynamics well.

Why is violent behaviour on the rise among young adults?

It stems from lack of empathy on the part of the older generation. We must listen to the younger generation’s problems and understand them before we demand to be understood.

What is the best aspect of parenting?

The legacy of love and support we leave behind for our children.

What is the most trying part?

The most trying aspect is that children think they know everything!

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