April 05, 2020
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Shruti Hasan

The 21-year-old daughter of Sarika and Kamalahaasan on her Bollywood debut

Shruti Hasan
Shruti Hasan
With Imraan Khan making waves do you think Luck will favour your debut film?

I’m very excited about Luck. I haven’t really thought about the peripheral strategies of debuting or whose luck will favour whom.

Why did you opt out of the Tamil film you were supposed to do with Madhavan?

More than opting out, I’d say they ran into technical difficulties and creative differences.

Your parents are successful actors. So you also have the right genes.

I don’t know if I have it in my genes! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated by my parents’ career, but I’m not competing with them. I’m proud of my lineage not bogged down by it.

You’re a singer, how did acting happen?

I always wanted to act and sing.

Tell us more about your playback singing.

Playback singing is very different from most other mediums in music and it’s challenging in its own ways.

You aspire to be a singer-actress in the Suraiya mould? Well, she’s fabulous, but I aspire to be an entertainer in the Shruti mould (smiles).

Tell us more about Extramental, your rock band. You were planning a tour this year.

Yes, hopefully that will happen. We’re a fairly young band but our drummer and bass player have both played with other successful bands.

What kind of lyrics do you write?

My lyrics are reflective of my mood. The message is about being honest to yourself and having fun doing what you believe in.

You performed for the first time at the Tamil Music Awards. How was it?

It was wonderful. Chennai’s my home and I felt loved to be here and perform with the band.

So where are you in life?

I’m a happy person right now. Going to music school, meeting the most amazing teachers, travelling with musicians, learning Hindustani classical, all of it added up makes me happy!

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