March 28, 2020
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Shouvik Roy

The singer-songwriter-strategist on his new music endeavour

Shouvik Roy
Shouvik Roy

You have been an advertising professional—how did you shift to music?

At 42, you don’t need to shift; you can run both on parallel tracks. I continue to build brands, but music occupies a fair bit of my mindspace.

Your first song made it to No. 5 in MTV Indies.

It was most unexpected. The past two years have been good for English singer-songwriters.

Tell us about your second song.

I don’t understand me is about questions that have been answered, and questioning those answers.

You’ve said the lyrics encourage the listeners to reassess life and embrace it.

If you listen to the song, it should make you think and relate it to your life. And that’s just the trigger.

The song is jazz-infused. Do you think genre has a place in India?

If we have embraced the depth of Sufi music, why shouldn’t we like the melancholy of jazz?

Did you face financial/technical problems?

We worked on tight budgets but finance was not a big challenge. We did, however, have to re-shoot some parts.

Do you think Bollywood rules the music scene in India?

Bollywood is leagues ahead financially and a magnet for most musicians. Yet, there is a growing live, and diverse, audience.

Who has been your musical inspiration?

Recently, two singer-songwriters, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, and gypsy jazz sin­ger, Zaz.

How much does piracy affect you?

Piracy is a reality. In many ways it has helped the music industry redefine itself. Important, good music gets heard, and the money has shifted to shows and events—everywhere.

What is next for you in music?

I plan to release more songs and take them to live audiences.

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