February 22, 2020
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Shifting Office

Shifting Office
Moving office is like getting caught in a monsoon storm. You can see it coming—you would do anything to avoid it—but once it's on its way, there's nothing much you can do but brace yourself. As it turned out, our shift to a new office was more a warm summer shower than a soul-drenching downpour. Not entirely painless, but perfectly bearable. We managed to beat the stampede, and have settled into one of those rare corners of South Delhi which is compliant for commercial use just ahead of the court-inspired spiralling of commercial rents. I never thought 'compliance' would be a watchword in Delhi, where sticking by the rules has been something only sissies do. But it's no bad thing. If this city wants to make the jump from wild city to world city, then it needs to have regulations that are understood and enforced, and rules that merit respect. There's quite a way to go, but at least it's now beginning to feel like work in progress.

So the BBC World Service Trust (with our partners NACO and Doordarshan, we make TV entertainment with information embedded on HIV/AIDS) now finds itself snuggling into bustling, up-and-coming Hauz Khas market. The area's got everything—except the three Ps: parking, pavements and bearable public loos. We're flanked on one side by a cheerful chai shop that does excellent samosas, and on the other by a brand new supermarket selling imported Japanese melons. Around the market, a newly opened taco joint, a smart coffee bar, and a computer games shop jostle alongside kabariwalas and chaat stalls. It's the epitome of urban India, still clinging on to the familiar as it adapts and changes at a giddying pace.

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