July 27, 2020
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Shedding Inhibitions

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Shedding Inhibitions
Laxma Goud
His women-and-beast themes make his art erotic in the extreme, bordering on the pornographic.

Paresh Maity
His painting 'Shringar' (see the link for Photoessay - Erotic Art) shows a young woman holding a mirror while she seemingly pleasures herself

M.F. Husain
The human-animal combination theme recurs in several permutations in the artist's paintings

A. Ramachandran
The erotic is diffuse in his painting, not so in his drawing. The  sample -- in the link for Photoessay - Erotic Art -- for instance, is not for exhibiting.

Ranbir Kaleka
He minces no paint when being explicit. 'Family'  -- in the link for Photoessay - Erotic Art --  de-romanticises the post-coital state.

Jogen Chowdhury
The erotic lies in the organic nature of his lines and fjord-like curves.

F.N. Souza
He's the most uninhibited of the lot, perhaps because he has lived abroad.
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