April 03, 2020
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Shatrughan Sinha

On his debut in theatre with Pati Patni aur Mein

Shatrughan Sinha
Shatrughan Sinha
Why theatre after all these years?
This was the only way I could rejuvenate and strengthen the professional in me.

A pleasant experiment?
It is the Kurukshetra of rangmanch—there are no retakes, no director, and no make-up man. Isn't it exciting?

Didn't you find stage limiting?
No. In fact, I find stage special because it caters to a select group of people who matter.

But why not films then?
I think I've been saying Hilna mat thakur varna goli mar doonga for a long time now.

Are you open to offers?
Yes, provided the role suits me.

How difficult was the play, specially the 40-minute monologue?
Very tough. It was not an election speech.

But wasn't that easy for a person famous for his special style?
I am known among my contemporaries for effortlessly rattling off a 10-page monologue. But here we are talking of a 200-page script. That's surely tough.

Anything special about the theme?
There was enough scope for my style—the one-liners that made me famous.

Is it a political gimmick?
Certainly not. At least I am not a minister who's seen more often on the stage.

You plan to do it more often?
I cannot ignore my socio-political work. Theatre is too time-consuming. It takes tonnes of time.

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