04 April 2016 National Happenings

Seven Days

The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
Seven Days
Officer Typecast

Dakshina Kannada deputy commissioner A.B. Ibrahim is fast discovering how the Sangh Parivar’s west coast experiments have changed the mindscape even in his home district where Hindus and Muslims have lived cheek by jowl. Hindu groups went to town objecting to his “Muslim” name on a temple invitation card. Ibrahim said he faced no such problem when he served in Mysore, but a devotee dragged the matter to the High Court.

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Water Wars

The third world war will be fought over water, say experts. With water riots becoming common this summer, the Latur administration promulgated Section 144 and deployed the police at water distribution points. This is the first instance of preventive action to cope with violence over water in India—a grim reminder of the shape of things to come.

Death Be Not Proud

He was just 45 when he died last week after battling heart and liver ailments. But Malayalam actor ‘Kala Bhavan’ Mani’s family now has to hear various conspiracy theories: Was it suicide or murder? Was it depression or a property dispute? Reports of opium traces in his blood gave way to reports that pesticide and methyl alcohol may have entered his body through medicines and injections. In a poll-bound state, the BJP was quick to demand a CBI probe.

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Round And Round The Terror Tree

Taking responsibility for Tuesday’s Brussels attacks in a statement made through the Amaq News Agency, the Islamic State said it had targeted “a country participating in the international coalition against” the terror organisation.  A series of coordinated bomb attacks during the morning rush hours sent the Belgian capital, also  headquarters of the European Union, into a second lockdown in less than five months. The last time was when the city was shut down as a preventive measure after Paris was hit by Islamic State militants in November. And now, splinters from the Paris carnage have finally singed Brussels as the attacks come a few days after the capture of Salah Abdeslam, who allegedly plotted the November attacks.

New Delhi
Trouble At The Top

The nation’s elite protection force that has guarded prime ministers since Indira Gandhi’s assassination has seen a change at the helm for the second time in 16 months. In November 2014, K. Durga Prasad was replaced as chief of the Special Protection Group even while PM Modi was visiting Nepal. Last week, Vivek Srivastava, a 1989 batch Gujarat-cadre IPS officer who replaced him, sought a transfer back to the Intelligence Bureau, weeks after he had been given an extension. Arun Kumar Sinha, a 1987 batch officer from Kerala, has taken over.

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Andhra Pradesh
Population Un-Control

When he first asked people to disregard family planning and have more babies, people were amused at chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. That is slowly giving way to alarm as the CM seems keen to walk the talk. Citing how China and Japan are saddled with an ageing populace, Naidu said he would like his state to be better prepared with a younger population.

Capital Punishment

The handwriting of doctors is a global joke and pharmacists supplying the wrong medicine after a misreading of the prescription is not rare. After a study found over 1,00,000 patients suffering from medical complications in Hyderabad, doctors have been advised to write prescriptions in capital letters from July this year. If they don’t, hospitals they work in will be disaccreditated.


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7 Stories We Are Not Covering This week
  • Chennai
    Rajnikanth’s Ent­­hiran-2 being insured for Rs 330 crore, surpa­ssing Aamir Khan’s Rs 300 crore for PK
  • Agra
    BJP leader Vinod Samaria, who booked a train for a Modi rally in 2014, threatening suicide if the party didn’t foot the Rs 12.3 lakh railway bill
  • Thiruvananthapuram
    Voters in Pattanamthitta district to receive a ‘Thank You’ card, with a built-in lucky draw, to enhance voter participation in the assembly elections in May
  • Vatican
    The Pope ordering an internal inquiry into why it costs 750,000 euros (approximately Rs 5.6 crore) to become a saint
  • Calcutta
    A Delhi lawyer lodging a complaint against Amitabh Bachchan for singing the national anthem for 82 seconds, instead of the stipu­lated 52, at the India vs Pakistan match
  • Jaipur
    A dozen former dacoits, including Seema Parihar, offering their help to the Rajasthan government to protect the vanishing Chambal forests
  • Pune
    Raghunath Rao Chitale, fou­nder of iconic sweet shop ‘Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale’ dying at 96
VII Things We Learnt Last Week
  • A woman fighter trainee pilot in the Indian Air Force cannot get pregnant for four years
  • The No. 654 bus arrives at the Spanish hamlet of La Torre D’Orista only once a year, on the first Monday of March
  • France buys more bottles of Scotch (86.5 million) than any other country
  • 82 per cent of all MPs in the 2014 elections are crorepatis, up from 32 per cent in 2004 and 53 per cent in 2009
  • 64 per cent of players’ salar­ies in the eight sports leagues in India goes to fore­ign athletes
  • The modern smartphone has more computing power than the two computers that NASA required to put man on the moon
  • 310 Asiatic lions have died in Gujarat in the past five years

Compiled by Uttam Sengupta and Alka Gupta



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