Seven Days

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Seven Days

Palm Or Tree?

So, can MLAs decide what’s a tree and what isn’t? An amendment passed in the Goa assembly has declared that the ‘coconut’ is no more a tree but only a ‘tree-like’ palm. While the objective is to allow felling of ‘old and unviable coconut palms’ so that the fruit does not injure anyone, Goans, who celebrate a coconut and cas­hew festival every year, are up in arms. It’s environmental terrorism unleashed to facilitate breweries, they say.

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Tamil Nadu
Tamil Tiger

The Jayalalitha government has filed tens of defamation cases against the media but it took a 30-second court appearance by a wheelchair-bound 92-year-old to bring it to national attention. In the process, former CM Muthuvel Karunanidhi also scotched all speculation that he is ready to pass the baton to son M.K. Stalin, 62, for the assembly election.

Lure Of Myths

Spurred by films and TV serials based on mythology, and encouraged by the gaming industry relying on myths to devise new video games, the Bombay University is now planning to start a post-graduate course on comparative mythology. It already offers a diploma course, and production houses seem to be lapping up those who have completed it.

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Fate Of The Union

If the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library in Delhi hosting a conclave on RSS ideologue Deendayal Upadhyay is a sign of the times, there is more. The iconic photograph of Nehru’s funeral procession with the cortege in the middle of a sea of humanity has been taken off from its perch. Poet Meena Alexander, commissioned by the museum to speak on ‘Poetry, Migration & Mem­ory’ has been ‘disinvited’ after a newspaper article. And now the Centre has asked the Indian Council of Social Science Research to explain how it announced awards named after Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen in 2013 and conferred the plaque, citation and a million rupees each to six social scient­ists without ‘approval’ from the government.

West Bengal
The Netaji ‘Mystery’

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Amidst heightened expectation in some quarters that the Netaji papers declassified on January 23 would prove that Subhas Chandra Bose did not die in a plane crash in 1945, one of the grandnephews of the late leader, the London-based journalist and broadcaster Ashis Ray, has posted ‘firm evidence’ that he indeed died in the plane crash. Far from satisfying the doubters, the documents ended up dividing Bose’s fam­ily on political lines: those with ‘Congress leaning’ versus those who are seen as seekers of the “truth”.

Uttar Pradesh
Not So Fast

If you think the government is giving up on its Hindutva push, well..... Arguing that a secular state can’t promote min­ority instituti­ons, AG Mukul Roh­atgi sought to withdraw the Cen­tre’s appeal to the SC agai­nst a 2005 HC judgement denying minority status to Aligarh Muslim University. The issue is a little more complex and the AG may just have ended up forfeiting Parliament’s right to make law.

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Team Gujarat

With the ever-increasing number of offi­c­ers from Gujarat being summoned to hold key posts at the Centre, ‘Dial G for vacancies’ is already a joke. And while Prime Minister Narendra Modi harps on ‘Team India’, he seems to rely much more on ‘Team Gujarat’. True to the trend, one of two Gujarat cadre IPS officers, Shivanand Jha or Rakesh Asthana, is now tipped to take over as Delhi’s Police Commissioner.

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7 Stories We Are Not Covering This Week
  • Mumbai
    Former Miss World Diana Hayden, 42, having a baby  girl from an egg frozen eight years ago
  • Bangalore
    Kannada writer Banjagere Jayaprakash alleging that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, a Brahmin, ate meat once a week and smoked
  • Ahmedabad
    Slain BJP leader Haren Pandya’s wife, Jagruti, being named as chairperson of the state panel to protect children’s rights
  • Patna
    The JDU-RJD government of Nitish Kumar imposing a 13.5 per cent luxury tax on samosas
  • London
    India joining five other nations in opposing a multistorey basement construction next to the French ambassador’s residence in London, citing the 1961 Vienna convention
  • Peshawar
    The historic ancestral home of Bollywood legend Raj Kapoor in Pakistan being partially demolished by owners to build a shopping plaza
  • London
    Indian-origin businessman Ketan Somaiya being called “a formidable and serial fraudman on a truly Olympian scale” by a London judge
VII Things We Learnt Last Week
  • George W. Bush’s page on Wikipedia has been revised 45,862 times
  • The man who got Hebrew introduced in JNU was a Muslim, Dr Khurshid Imam
  • Mohammed and Sunita are the most common names for men (161,859) and women (99,273) in Delhi
  • English cricketer David Gower once settled a defamation suit by accepting a case of Krugg champagne
  • With six Quentin Tarantino films, four with Spike Lee, the Star Wars preq­uel trilogy and seven Marvel superhero films, Samuel L. Jackson is the highest grossing movie star in history
  • 47 per cent of Muslims in India are under 20, the highest among all communities, though declining like all
  • There is enough carbon in the average human body to make 9,000 pencils

Compiled by Uttam Sengupta and Alka Gupta



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