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Sedentary Evil Meets Its Active Nemesis

If you must change your future, you must change the present.

Sedentary Evil Meets Its Active Nemesis
Illustration by Saahil
Sedentary Evil Meets Its Active Nemesis

So what’s 2016 going to look like? A year where you wake up and go to the gym regularly or the one where you wake up only to put the alarm on snooze? Or something in between, where for the first three weeks you are a gym rat and after that count out the months left for 2017 to begin?

“You got to look at the past to know what’s coming in the future”, say the wise old men of data analytics. And one look at our paapi past and we know that we are guilty of paying for gyms and never showing up, looking at weightloss websites and trying everything other than a disciplined lifestyle. So, in short, if you must change your future, you must change the present. And you need a more realistic plan for that, so here’s my two cents of sustainable lifestyle goals, called SLG as a reminder that they are heavily copied from the UN’s SDG (sustainable development goals)

  1. Plan for 150 minutes of exercise per week and mark it on your calendar a month in advance.
  2. Divide the 150 minutes into a session of weight training, yoga and cardio each.
  3. For every 30 minutes of sitting, stand for three minutes. Sitting kills, just like smoking does, slowly.
  4. Walk up four floors every day and keep it to yourself, do not announce it either on FB or to friends. It’s just four floors, no big deal, but requires a big change in mindset.
  5. Plan for the 6 pm wholesome snack for the entire week in adv­ance. Don’t be gui­­­lty of the same sin of eating junk post 4 pm even in 2016.

And lastly, do rem­­­ember  that the human body was meant for activity and the mind for stillness, not the other way round. Happy 2016!

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