May 31, 2020
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Sanjay Dutt

On the delay in Kaante’s release, his TADA cases and future plans in Bollywood

Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt
Why is Kaante taking such a long time to be released?
We just needed to sort out some financial problems. Now we're definitely on on December 20.

The hype machine for the film has been unrelenting all these months.
We've tried to make a different kind of film. I think the audience is waiting for Kaante because they want something different.

What do you and Sanjay Gupta hope to achieve through your production company, White Feathers?
We made Kaante because we believed the audience was ready for a Hollywood-kind of action thriller.

But none of your films with him have really been successful.
Because we never found the right producers. That's why I told him to produce his own films.

And how different was the unit from the ones in Mumbai?
For a change, this time we knew what we were doing. They were so organised. Everyone from the drivers to the make-up persons worked so hard.

Who are your friends in Mumbai?
Mahesh (Manjrekar), Sanjay (Gupta), Afzal Khan and Robin Bhatt. They've stood by me through every crisis.

A number of your friends ditched you when you needed them.
After life in jail and all these legal hassles, I've now learnt to let go.

You are still bitter?
I was sad in the beginning. But now the bitterness has gone.

But you've rebuilt your career in spite of all these troubles?
Perhaps because of my parents' blessings. I'm glad that everybody still has so much of faith in me.

Any plans for the future?
I hope this is the last of my troubles. It's been ten years since my legal problems began. I just want to be a free man again. I want some time for myself now.

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