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‘Sahab (Raja) Ne Bola Ki You Meet People During One Specified Time’

R.K. Chandolia, June 2, 2009

‘Sahab (Raja) Ne Bola Ki You Meet People During One Specified Time’

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Radia chats with Chandolia just after coming out of a meeting with A. Raja, who wants a person to handle his media. Radia offers Chandolia one of her “trusted guys”.

RKC: Hello.

NR: Hi.

RKC: Haanji, kya haal hai...

NR: I just came out of the meeting, I met our minister, Fareed baitha hua tha bahar without an appointment, as usual.

RKC: To daant diya hoga sahab ne sab ko...

NR: Kisko?

RKC: Staff walon ko daanta?

NR: Haan, because I think he is a bit frustrated about, he said he is limiting the number of people that meet him and he’s also changed all his staff, because, I am glad you’ve done that.

RKC: Nahin, nahin, we have changed the entire staff in office also except 2-3 persons. And sahab ne bola ki you also meet people only during one specified time. Not the entire day, ki koi aa raha hai, koi jaa raha hai...

NR: Absolutely right.

RKC: We will start work it bhai, that nobody without appointment...and...

NR: He was telling me about secretary and BSNL, and he told me about his own media, so I am going to give you a plan on how we should do it. I’ll dedicate one person who will handle that media for him, okay?

RKC: Okay.

NR: We’ll have to find a way whether we give him to you internally, I’ll give you one of my trusted guys who is very well in with the media.

RKC: Okay, fine.

NR: Okay you want an honest advice is tum jaise yeh sab perfect perfect sab ko chhor do kyunki yeh sab alignments hai in logon ki.

RKC: Nahin, woh to hai, kisi ne bataya hai...

NR: I can’t...I don’t think anyone... Shahid will tell you I have one of the finest teams you know...ek second...We are not meeting na today?

RKC: Today, if you think you can come by 3:30, we can meet.

NR: No, then, I will go to Gurgaon na, I want to talk to you about that also. Nahin, nahin woh maine wahaan jana hai, usne...I’m trying to narrow him down on to something.

RKC: Okay, theek hai.

NR: That’s why. So I don’t want to (unclear)... Finally all the sons and the father have come on the table.

RKC: Okay, toh ya to phir kal milte hain teen baje kareeb?

NR: I am moving to the apartment tomorrow by the way.

RKC: Chalo good, toh you come at 11, can you come at...

NR: Ek hi din rah gaya hai September tak...(laughs)

RKC: Can you come at 11:15?

NR: Main abhi aa sakti hoon.

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