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Sabeer Bhatia

The president and CEO of Hotmail plans to change the way people communicate

Sabeer Bhatia
To what do you attribute your immense success?
Hard work, perseverance, and a vision for the future to make e-mail the No 1 Internet application, and thereby change the way people communicate.

Did you expect Hotmail would be so successful?
We knew we'd be successful because we believed in the product, and in ourselves as a team. What we were not prepared for was for this to happen in such short time.

What does the merger with Microsoft mean for you?
Hotmail will continue to be an independent entity—it will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. Personally, both Jack Smith (my partner) and myself think this merger will help us realise the goal of changing the way people communicate and of being the world's largest online service.

Do you have plans to start anything in India?
I don't have any concrete plans as of now.

Would you describe yourself now as an Indian or an American?
I am an Indian American. I was born and brought up in India but have now adopted America as my new home.

Would the kind of work you have done been possible in India?
At the current time with the kind of infrastructure (both technological and financial) that exists in India (or lack thereof), I don't think so.

Are Indians in the US thrilled by your success?
I would hope so. You'd have to ask them.

What are your plans ?
To continue our original mission of providing a high quality of service at Hotmail. Personally, I hope my success serves as a beacon of hope to young, bright Indians. I hope to be a role model for entrepreneurs in India and in Silicon Valley.

Who are your gurus or role models?
People who have made a difference and have defied tradition to bring about change in this world—Gandhi, Nehru, Mandela, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates...

What are you: "nerd", "whizkid" or just another new kid on the block?
I'd describe myself as a technological entrepreneur and a visionary.

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