Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Running With The Stars

No course can prepare one to manage athletes. It’s all down to patience, gut feeling and being practical.

Running With The Stars Photograph by Getty Images

  • Over 17 years as Sachin Tendulkar’s manager taught Vinod Naidu a big lesson in humility
  • Rhiti Sports chief Arun Pandey says M.S. Dhoni’s calm and composed nature impressed him the most
  • Yuvraj Singh’s manager Aneesh Gautam feels there is nothing more important than relationships in this field
  • One must have a lot of patience to manage athletes, says Rashid Khan of Signatures Sports & Entertainmen
  • Knowing athletes’ needs is important, says JSW Sports CEO and ex-India tennis player Mustafa Ghouse (above)
  • Das Blah brothers Anirban and Indranil of CAA KWAN, say managing athletes is largely a matter of being practical


They are the people sportspersons fall back on in times of adv­ersity, distress and poor form on the field of play. And they have often been criticised for some of the ills in Indian sports, particularly cricket. But, irrespective of public perception, player-agents are the ones who sportspersons are increasingly looking up to for financial as well as emotional support. These agents, or perso­nal managers, provide sportspersons the comfort they need during tough times, or when they swim against the tide. Managers fashion players’ public images through glory and adversity.


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