February 22, 2020
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Ruchika Gupta, 33

The PR professional is busy Whatsapping on her season special

Ruchika Gupta, 33
Ruchika Gupta, 33

Which phone do you use?

Moto X, with a wooden panel.

How many have you changed so far?

I lose phones very quickly. I’ve left them behind in restaurants, cabs etc, so about 7-8.

What do you use it for mainly?

Facebook, Outlook mail, Whatsapp. Since its Diwali time, we have a new ‘teen patti’ group on right now, where we decide where to have the next party and other such details.

Who do you call the most?

Since I’m in public relations, the media.

Whose call do you wait for?

My clients.

How many calls do you make in a day?

About 20-30 a day.

Has it helped your work?

Of course. It’s easy to coordinate events. Plus, it’s better to use my mobile to reach the media...they can identify my number.

When has it been the most crucial to you?

All the time; to tell my cook what to make in my absence, coordinate with my child’s teacher, to reach my husband when we are both in meetings and can’t talk.

When has it let you down?

When I send a message to a journalist but it doesn’t get delivered, and I think it has. The work doesn’t get done.

Do you think it controls you?

No, I took care to balance it out, especially after I had a child. I keep it on silent, don’t take many calls.

Your worst lie?

You can say you are where you are not!

How much would you spend on a new phone?

It depends on the features, Rs 30,000-40,000.

What’s your ringtone?

It’s on silent mostly.

Lakshmi, the acid attack survivor in Delhi, what do you make of her cause?

I think women standing up for injustice anywhere takes a lot of courage, and we absolutely must support their campaign.


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