June 27, 2020
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Rss Dumping The Bjp: "It's For The Future To Tell"

In an exclusive interview to Outlook at the Agra mahashivir, RSS joint general secretary Madan Das Devi articulates the view that giving up the Hindutva agenda would be disastrous for the BJP. Excerpts:

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Rss Dumping The Bjp: "It's For The Future To Tell"

Can the BJP survive without the support of the RSS?

If what you're saying is true-that the BJP depends on RSS support-then it's up to the BJP to see whether it will be able to survive without us.

Do you agree that 95 per cent of the BJP's strength comes from the RSS?

No, I don't agree. If you say 95 per cent I don't agree. It's a different thing to say that the BJP draws most of its strength from the RSS. We are saying that it's for the BJP to see whether the issues that they had on their agenda before 1998 have any relevance for their future prospects. Issues like the abrogation of Article 370, cow slaughter....were on their agenda before 1998. Now they have given up on them. Now it's their responsibility to assess their future prospects. They know the pulse of the people.

Doesn't the BJP know what is best for them?

The government knows what people want. And it'll find some way to fulfil the demands of the people. The basic hurdle before the BJP is that it's part of the NDA.

Has the RSS ever seriously thought of dumping the BJP?

Yeh aage ki baat hai (It's for the future to tell). Nobody gets along 100 per cent with his wife. The BJP is closest to us with respect to other parties. Which other party is there in the country (for us to support)? Sonia Gandhi?

Your statement 'it's up to the government to permit the construction the Ram temple' is being perceived as a major climbdown.

The Ram temple will be constructed but before that the government has to legally sanction its construction. We've to build public opinion for that. Whether it's the government or the court, we want permission. There's no timeframe. We'll go by the feelings of those involved with the movement.

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