May 26, 2020
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Ritu Beri

India’s top designer export on the global fashion scene and her much-talked-about show in Paris, titled Indian Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ritu Beri
Ritu Beri
What is this show about?
Like its name suggests, it's a very India inspired collection. It presents a dreamy India to the women in the west.

How is this different from the earlier ones?
I have evolved since my last show and the collection is its proof.

How have your earlier shows in Paris helped your career?
It's about personal satisfaction, not anything else.

This is your 11th show in Paris...
When I began, I thought I will do only one.

What form does India take in your designs?
India has always been the spirit behind all my collections. The textile is always very Indian, but the silhouette is western.

This adds to the collection's appeal.
The Indian element brings excitement to my collection.

Is there a significant demand for designs from India?
It is not so much about being Indian, but the collection that has to be acceptable.

How do you ensure that your collections are acceptable?
I try and ensure that my collections are wearable, affordable and different.

Why did you leave Scherer?
The management changed and their vision too changed. But these things keep happening.

How is the joint venture you formed in Paris doing?
Ritu Beri International is doing very well. We are already exporting to several countries.

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