February 22, 2020
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Ritu Beri

On her debut show on the Paris catwalks recently

Ritu Beri
Ritu Beri
How does it feel being a lone Indian out there in the international market?
Without sounding pretentious, it's a high to be spoken in the same breath with big brands of the industry like Gucci or Chloe.

Guess we have arrived...
We have a great talent which needs to be promoted. This will also change the perception abroad of Indians being unprofessional.

But isn't it a little too late in the day?
Not at all. Our industry is only ten years old. We still lack the infrastructure to meet the world market.

A handicap, you'd say for other aspirants?
It is the toughest for the pioneer. I'm sure others will find it easier.

A reason why you decided to venture abroad?
Partly. I've dreamt all my life to be an international brand.

How's it working with Mounir Moufarrige, the man credited with launching Stella McCartney.
It's definitely a privilege.

You didn't have any Indian traditional wear like the sari. Why?
My collection was India inspired but not Indian.

What was the theme then?
I focused on the ready to wear for the young and trendy woman of today.

Were you apprehensive?
I was never nervous. It is a labour of love for me and I was thrilled.

How do you react to the criticism that Ritu Beri is more about hype than creativity?
Who says so?Other designers?

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