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Outlook in retrospect.


15 Years Ago

Manu Joseph, on B’wood- mafia cohabitation: It began as a marriage of convenience and ended in a dangerous liaison. After about a decade of amoral evenings and big parties, attended and organised by Bollywood honchos and the mafia respectively, the film industry has suddenly woken up to the fact that it has slept with the enemy. http://bit.ly/1USCws4


10 Years Ago

Shahid Amin, reviewing Rudrangshu Mukherjee’s book on Mangal Pandey: Did Mangal Pandey, the Purabiya-sipahiya from among the east-UP bhaiyyas, really ignite the spark for that summer’s ghadar when he strolled on to the Barrackpore parade grounds on March 29 that year, calling his comrades to take up arms against the sahibs? It is because Mangal’s defiance and execution took place just before the actual events of 1857 that has made the two appear a part of a single connected story. http://bit.ly/1hovD3w

5 Years Ago

William Dalrymple on America in Afghanistan: It would be difficult to imagine any military adventure today going as badly as the First Anglo-Afghan War, that ended with an entire East India Company army routed by poorly equipped tribesmen. But 10 years on from NATO’s invasion of Afghanistan, there are increasing signs that the current Afg­han war could still end in a humiliating defeat, with Afghanistan yet again left in tribal chaos, ruled by the same govt which the war was originally fought to overthrow. http://bit.ly/1K5An9p


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