August 08, 2020
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Outlook in retrospect.

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15 Years Ago

Soma Wadhwa et al, on the return of god: God has made a huge comeback. To young, yuppie, urban India. Pampering the soul spiritua­lly, reconnecting with the inner self through meditation has become acceptable, even tre­ndy. Because today’s stressed-out, insecure, urban generation has taken to seeking solace and stability in the faith that God, or a Greater Power, exists. Add on the ideological vacuum of these times, unlike when Gandhian thought and Marxism fired imaginations and it’s understandable why young Indians are groping for a new Belief.

10 Years Ago

Arundhati Roy, talking to S. Anand: For the Indian poor, has the choice between the Congress and the BJP been a real choice? They are all apparent choices accompanied by a kind of noisy theatre which conceals the fact that all these apparently warring parties share an almost complete consensus. They just exchange slogans depending on whether they’re in the opposition or in the government.

5 Years Ago

M.J. Akbar, on what he might have been: If I hadn’t left Telinipara, I suppose I might have been good enough to be promoted to junior officer of the Victoria Jute Mill, since Telinipara is a jute mill town and my father did send us to a local English school: that was what the local natives could aspire to. My less fortunate cousins worked in the spinning or weaving departments.

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