April 03, 2020
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Outlook in retrospect.


15 Years Ago

Namrata Joshi, Payal Kapadia on fissures in fashion industry: Haute couture in French may mean high fashion. But in India it has  another connotation—of snitching, backbiting, backstabbing and undermining whatever little creativity there is in the ‘airy realms’ of fashion designing. So, when the news about the run-up to the first Lakme India Fashion Week being marred by mutual jealousy began trickling in, followers and patrons of Indian fashion were not shocked. http://bit.ly/1KQatHO

10 Years Ago

Faizan Ahmad, on a TV sting in Jharkhand: A high-ranking police officer caught with his pants down on camera. The reluctant recipient of his attentions: a tribal girl young enough to be his daughter. A sequence from a B-grade Hindi movie? Not quite. It’s a video recording of a steamy day in the life of Ranchi Inspector-General of Police P.S. Natarajan. His excesses are not just another sex scandal. It’s symptomatic of a larger problem confronting tribal girls in Jharkhand. A tale of sexual exploitation. http://bit.ly/1MaHYVG

5 Years Ago

Debarshi Dasgupta on the unravelling CWG scam: Claiming credit comes naturally to Suresh Kalmadi, whether he merits it or not. In the effusive biography posted on his official site, he asserts he brought home the gold medal as president of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), without even referring to the sportsperson who won it (Abhinav Bindra). http://bit.ly/1DpCsM3

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