June 27, 2020
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Outlook in retrospect.

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15 Years Ago

Neeraj Mishra on how a motley bunch of investors have a new field to focus on: education In the small town of Obaidullaganj in Madhya Pradesh, Gurmeet Singh and his wife have set up an English medium primary school in just two rooms. But then, they also happen to have more students than either the government primary school or even the mission school. “The children of principals of at least six schools, the sdm and the president of the town council study in my school,” says Gurmeet with some pride. His roadside lubricant stall and transport business would never have afforded him the same self-esteem. http://bit.ly/1FONR2c

10 Years Ago

Shobita Dhar on how nanotechnology and green fibres are giving traditional yarns a whole new fashion twist: You don’t always need to feel hot to look hot. Nanotechnology can help you step into a pair of trousers to keep you cool even at the height of summer. Next time you visit your nearest apparel store, look out for those trousers that don’t stain, oxygen ion-embedded shirts that bring down stress levels or anti-bacterial underwear made from bamboo fibre. Don’t be stuck to your cottons and silks, wake up and get gabbing in the new fab-vocab that is redefining the idea of clothing in India. http://bit.ly/1JCeyhO

5 Years Ago

Pushpa Iyengar on the World Tamil meet and how it’s being set up as a halo for Karunanidhi Surprisingly, when MK struts on to the grand stage in Coimbatore as the presiding deity of the World Classical Tamil Conference, it will be for the very first time in his long innings as a chief minister and state politician. http://bit.ly/1HmRxOd

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