August 11, 2020
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Remo Fernandes

On his album India Beyond

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Remo Fernandes
Remo Fernandes
There is a strong element of ethnicity in the album.
It comes mainly in four short chants from a temple in a coconut grove by the river near my house.

And they influenced you?
For generations it's given a sense of continuity not only to the singers, but to my ancestors too.

Why now?
I have never expressed the more intimate moments in my

Is it a sort of an ego trip then?
Music is a means to please myself.

What is India Beyond's USP?
I'd call it music to relax, to meditate, to unwind.

You got real traditional singers for the recording.
Yes, the chants are sung by four women who sing in the temple.

You don't like live performers lip-syncing?
I think lip-syncing is as boring as having safe sex without an orgasm.

But isn't IB too complex for a live no-lip-sync performance?
India Beyond live would be very difficult, but not impossible.

What is your feedback?
Amazingly well, considering I've released it on my own.

What irks you most about the music scene in India?
Knowledge of and taste in music in India is so poor. They have overloaded the 'market' with 'products'.

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