March 31, 2020
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Reeta Shanker Seth

The only astrologer to have predicted a Congress victory in E ’04 and also that Sonia Gandhi would not be the prime minister as early as December ’03.

Reeta Shanker Seth
Reeta Shanker Seth
How did you predict a Congress victory?
It was a very simple analysis of astro fundas. I didn't have the Congress horoscope but I could see it in Sonia's one. Her 10th House (house of careers) was very strong. Vajpayee's 10th house was nowhere in comparison.

It seems your methodology is better than that of pollsters. How?
Well, it was based on a three-way analysis of natal charts, transit and dasha.

Did anyone take you seriously then?
No. Everyone was surprised. A journalist who had interviewed me then too seemed sceptical.

What do Sonia's stars foretell?
As far as I can see, she'll remain active in politics for another five to seven years.

Do you foresee stability—or chaos?
Yes, around October-November 2005 there will be turbulence again. Could be general elections.

Who is next—Priyanka or Rahul?
Priyanka's leadership stars are much stronger. In another five-seven years, she will emerge as a big leader. Maybe even as prime minister.

Will Vajpayee make a comeback?
No. In fact, his stars say he won't be in active politics. His health may be a cause of concern.

What about Advani? Will he be PM?
No way! His horoscope came to me three years ago and I could see it. You need the right combination of factors to be prime minister.

What are India's chances at the Olympics?
I've predicted two golds or maybe one silver and one gold.

Can you predict the monsoons?
It will be as good as last year. There may be cyclone-related disasters in south-central parts.

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