December 10, 2019
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Red Verse

A sampling of Gaddar's songs, loosely translated by him. The rhythm of the original in Telugu is not quite there, but the words are very much Gaddar's.

Red Verse

Constitution And The Law
(From the film Ore Rickshaw)
Hey Mr Policeman,
You say you go by the Constitution
You say you go by the law
Now let me ask you this question
Answer me if you can
The law it says bribing is a crime,
And you say no bribes it is not right,
But how do you rear those Alsatian dogs
And those Maruti cars,
live in big bungalows
And spend evenings at the club
How much do you earn Mr Policeman
And how much do you save
Mr Policeman
Answer me if you can.

PM from Telugu Land
We have a PM from this Telugu land
Who says with a thumping majority
did he become MP,
But let me tell you my friends
It’s rigging that did the trick
Our PM ought to be in the
Guinness Book.

My Machine Runs on Blood
(From the film Ore Rickshaw)
I run this rickshaw with my
sweat and toil,
On my blood it runs not on oil.
The price of petrol
The price of diesel
It’s always going up
But the price of my blood and
sweat it just keeps slipping
The rich man his life is insured
So is his house, his bed
Even his dog is insured
But for us who toil
There is no assurance, no insurance
It’s a dog’s life that we live
How long can we go on this way.

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