Friday, Oct 22, 2021

Red Bricks Beneath The Blue Wall

Matrimonial profile with dubious sheen? Tech-armed sleuths can well verify it all.

Red Bricks Beneath The Blue Wall
Illustration by Sajith Kumar
Red Bricks Beneath The Blue Wall

Sitting in her office that’s into an offbeat sort of detective work, Taralika Lahiri recalls a two-year-old case where a woman suspected her fiancé to be gay. “I made a Facebook profile of a man and approached him over chat line. He would like me to talk to him late into the night. The nature of the conversati­ons revealed he was homosexual,” says the veteran, who heads National Detectives and Corporate Consultants.

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Yes. When it comes to a marital relation, Indian families these days are keen to know about matters beyond just conventional: the boy’s/girl’s personal history, financial position, social status and caste hierarchy, among other things. Topics like sexual orientation and probable infidelity are gaining increased vitality in the anxiety lists of alliance seekers.