January 25, 2020
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Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh
Tribhuvan Tiwari
Ravinder Singh

Turning eighteen is a beautiful feeling. It’s like stepping into the most exciting phase of your life, which you know has just begun. From a grown-up child, you transform into a young adult. By now, you know that you have got the answers to the curiosities of life. You realise what it means to be here and you start working on where you see yourself, ahead in your life. You dream and you work on making your dreams come true. It is also that time of life wherein questions like ‘Is she attractive?’ and ‘Am I impressive?’ start making sense. You are ready to experience the whirlpool of butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You prepare your heart only to lose it. You want to fall in love, perhaps for the very first time. And only you know the joy of this priceless feeling.

While you may lose your heart, eighteen is also the age to be cautious as called for and not to lose your mind. As you step into your adulthood, the society acknowledges this transition. Turning eighteen is also your licence to acquire quite a few licences. You enjoy the fresh air of your new-found freedom. The coaches of your life sit back and watch you with great expectations. They now want to see how you perform in the field. And while you perform you know that you are here, because they have brought you here. You attain the right to make your own choices. Whether you want to walk, run or fly, your life ahead depends on the decisions you make today. Hence, this age kickstarts the tests of your wisdom.

Irrespective of what your future holds for you, you take charge of your present life and there is absolutely no substitute for this charm of living your life at your own terms. You have always been waiting for this moment and now that it has happened to you, it is time to celebrate.

Congratula­tions, you have just turned eighteen.

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