June 06, 2020
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Rani On This And That

Rani On This And That
Early Memories Of Films I was intrigued by film stars. I used to go to Filmalaya Studio to meet dad and used to see all the actors hanging around and watched movies in the preview theatre. I loved those huge mirrors with lights in the stars' makeup rooms.

On Aamir And SRK I got into the big league with Ghulam and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Aamir and SRK literally held my hand and taught me how to act. I have grown up as an actress with them.

Movies She Likes I love romantic comedies. I love to laugh and cry in films. You will see a lot of romantic comedies in my career graph. I am very comfortable romancing.

Her Interest In Direction I am a director's daughter. I like to see film production from the other side, too. How a film is made intrigues me. I like to spend time with my directors. I have the interest but not the capacity to direct. There are so many aspects to the job that one needs to have a command over. I have more the instincts of an actor.

On Being A Working Women Nothing ever comes easy for women. I have immense respect for women who have made it. I find it fascinating how women wake up at 6 am, cook food for the entire family and then catch a train for work. I find that humbling.

On Living With Her Parents With parents you are always the child. The role changes when you set up a family of your own, when you become the in-charge. I feel more like a man in my house than a woman. My mother is there to look after everything. Going to work is like they are sending me to school.

On Her Fan Following In Pakistan It's good to get appreciation from anywhere. They are also our own people at the end of the day. I feel proud to be a representative of the Indian film industry, to get respect as a citizen of India.

On Not Doing Mira Nair's The Namesake The film would have been a feather in my cap. It would have meant an international crossover for me. But the timing didn't work out. I had given my word to Karan for his film and for me that's as good as signing a document. Also, I had to stand by Karan. He was doing his first film after his father's death, without his guidance. But I think Tabu suits the role in The Namesake better.
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