February 20, 2020
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Randhir Kapoor

The inheritor of Raj Kapoors legacy discusses life after Prem Granth

Randhir Kapoor
Why has Prem Granth flopped?
True, it has not done so well. We are slightly disappointed with the box office collections. But the film has been appreciated, the work of my brother Rajiv who has directed the film has come in for a lot of praise.

What went wrong with the film?
I feel that that the 15-25 age group did not patronise the picture. They did not find it breezy enough for their liking.

What misfired with the generation you are talking about ?
See, it is a mature love story. And that is something they don't want to watch.

Do you mean that mature love stories cannot click in India ?
Those between 15 and 25 go for masala movies. They are the MTV generation. They like fast plots, what we showed was a serious story which was liked by mature people.

The film's music was lilting. Did it not make a difference?
True. The music is very good. But what did not click was the nature of the plot.

What is in store for Rajiv, the film's director?
His work has been tremendously appreciated. I am sure he has a brilliant future ahead.

What are your plans after Prem Granth?
We will carry on doing what have been doing, just pull up our socks and get prepared for the future.

What films are you working on at present?
Rajiv will be making one and I will be making the other. But my film will take off first, followed by Rajiv's.

Could you tell us about your project?
At this point of time, everything is being worked out. I will be able to talk about it in some time.

You are the inheritors of Raj Kapoor's legacy. So, surely you need to do a lot to ensure that the banner keeps on flying.
We have lived with films. And we know that if you can win once, you can miss once too. The film has not devastated us. We carry on from where we left off, because it is all part of the game.

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