June 27, 2020
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Ram Gopal Verma

On his new film Company

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Ram Gopal Verma
Ram Gopal Verma
Why the title? It almost sounds like the proverbial D-Company.
When I started tracking the underworld, I was fascinated by them. They were very professional. Like me.

Is it about Dawood or Chotta Rajan?
It's basically an overview of the underworld. There is not a single true life incident.

And Mohanlal's character?
I was very impressed with this tough Mumbai cop, Sivanandan. He treats crime as a disease and the criminal as the patient. Mohan's character makes the film look very, very cold.

But didn't he have problems with Hindi?
His South Indian accent was an advantage.

You seem to be obsessed with the underworld.
Don't blame me for that. Rangeela and Daud were not about the underworld. I love doing hard-hitting movies.

Your favourite song in Company?
It's called Khallas. How about that?

Why isn't Urmila in this film?
She wasn't there in Shool either. That does not mean we are at loggerheads. She was never considered for Company.

But is she working with you anymore?
Yes she is. In fact, she's doing the title song.

Why have you reduced your workload?
I am no longer in rush and want to concentrate on one film. Company is a proof of this new approach.

Comedy, it seems, doesn't excite you.
I did Love Ke Liye.... My own nature of comedy should be gripping enough. I haven't yet got a plot that would excite me. The day I find one, it will surely go on the sets.

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